Thursday, 11 April 2013

Me Me Magnificent Me

There's probably little that is as narcissistic as choosing to write, draw and publish your own material and expect people to buy it, and being asked to participate in interviews to talk about yourself and your work will only massage your ego even further.
So, you'll understand if I fail to excuse myself and to take this narcissism to a new level by posting links here on my blog that lead to a number of couple new interviews with me, and all about myself.

It's really weird when you stop and think about it. Anyway.

I am the latest victim to be grilled  by Julinda Morrow of the sleek Sequential Highway website with fifteen questions which actually took me over six months to answer. They were that hard. But I eventually answered all of them and you can find them here:
Gary Spencer Millidge Answers 15 Questions With Julinda Morrow
And if you scroll down to the bottom past all those irritating word things there's a pretty cool image gallery.

A few weeks ago, a mysterious creature calling themselves Caro is Spicy paid tribute to my genius on their blog with a series overview of Strangehaven and then followed it up with a candid interview.
So if you haven't already, go read them here and pray at the altar of Millidge:
A kind of comic book life: Strangehaven
A kind of comic book life: Interview with Gary Spencer Millidge

Right, I'm off to put on my dinner suit and admire myself in a full-length mirror.