Sunday, 19 July 2009

spencer millidge, who?

Well I can't really compete with the fact that Bryan Talbot has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from Sunderland University, but I'm not sure even he can claim to be a character in Doctor Who.
Or two, even. A brand new Doctor Who story appearing on the BBC website commemorating the moon landings features a pair of evil CIA agents called Spencer and Milledge (sic).
'We are Agents Spencer and Milledge, Secret Service. Under Code Seven of Revised Project Blue Book, we invoke the rights approved by the late President John F. Kennedy regarding first contact.'
The three part story Blue Moon by Oli Smith starts with a prologue and the agents make their appearance towards the end of episode one. The third and final chapter is published on Monday.
Top that, Doctor Talbot!

the spurge strikes again

Tom Spurgeon has today posted a mammoth interview with me on his essential Comics Reporter website, primarily dealing with my latest tome Comic Book Design.
Tom also pays great complement to the book, he writes, "if I had this book to check out and read during high school study hall, I'd be on my 21st year working in comics rather than my 15th."
Those who read the entire piece might also be rewarded with some hints of my current plans and activities which I somehow let slip, thanks to Tom's perceptive and deceptively easy-going interviewing style.
You can read the entire interview here. Cheers Tom!
In related news, I hear that Comic Book Design is going back to press for the UK market, even though it's only been out a few weeks. So I'm guessing it's already doing pretty well, sales-wise.