Sunday, 2 September 2007

not dead

Well I must admit, it has been some time since I posted to this blogspot and following a number of concerned emails from caring readers of Strangehaven, I thought it best to allay some of the more hysterical fears by a short post here.
Gary Spencer Millidge is alive and well. The lack of posts over recent weeks are due to a number of reasons, primarily being incredibly busy with non-comic related and comic-related work, and also a lack of web-posting computer.
Taking the second point first, an unfortunate accident finally did for my trust laptop computer, and the resultant insurance claim took several weeks longer than anticipated due to the UK's summer floods. But it was finally resolved and I am now typing this on my brand new, shiny, powerful yet affordable replacement notebook computer.
As for the work aspect, well the freelancer's lot is usually a lot of time spent chasing new jobs without reward, then a sudden influx of work with concurrent deadlines, which is where I am at present.
The implications on the Strangehaven publishing schedule is rather complicated, as a combination of looking for paying jobs and obtaining a few of them, either adequate time or financing has been a problem to enable me to set a schedule for the next issue. The sporadic and infrequent publishing rate of Strangehaven has always been a concern, and I am anxious to get enough material amassed prior to any further premature announcements.
In a nutshell, Strangehaven is not dead. Strangehaven is still ongoing, and the publication date of the next issue will be announced when I am sure it can be met. In the meantime, my apologies to my loyal and patient readership, you will see the conclusion to the series one day. Future convention appearances have been shelved for the time being, to allow me more time to concentrate on producing new work, and also, rather pathetically to avoid the inevitable 'when's the next issue out?' type questions.
As for the other projects I have been alluding to, I will post more about those here as soon as I have the opportunity.