Friday, 31 August 2018

Destiny takes a break

The somewhat overdue issue #9 of Meanwhile... has finally been scheduled for release, and will be available in comic shops worldwide this November.

Meanwhile…#9 features part two of the stunning Needleman by Martin ‘Simo’ Simpson, Sarah Gordon's The Collector, the penultimate episode of Mark Stafford and David Hine’s The Bad Bad Place and a second episode of Ginny Skinner's Gail Key's Psychic Lost Item Helpline.

But, Strangehaven: Destiny episode 9 won’t be in the issue. Due to some minor but disruptive health troubles leading to some lifestyle changes, a heavier workload for my freelance design (much of it due to GDPR), involvement with the Where We Live project and other factors, I’ve taken an enforced break from drawing for much of this year.

In its place will be a very special guest Strangehaven story, written and drawn by none other than my fellow bass-playing, Mojito-drinking, Essex native, Frazer Irving. It’s called "Atlantis,"and it looks a bit like this:
Intriguing, no? Frazer is an international comicbook rockstar and you should follow him on Instagram @frazerirving and check out his book Playful Inversions on Unbound.

You can pre-order copies of Meanwhile…#9 directly from the publisher Soaring Penguin Press right here. The official listing in the Diamond Previews catalogue is here.

Strangehaven: Destiny episode 9 will return in Meanwhile…#10 early in the new year.


aliceboy said...

That is a little disappointing, a lot exciting and very intriguing. I hope you really are being able to have a break for your health in the meantime. We will miss another chapter, but a healthy Millidge is WAY more important.

Gary Spencer Millidge said...

Thanks mate! I too am disappointed and excited, but hopefully episode 9 will be worth waiting for. It's a key episode (especially this close to the end) and I need to get it right. Thanks for your patience.