Wednesday, 30 November 2016

No sh*t, I’ve drawn another comic cover for Titan

My cover to Sherlock: The Blind Banker #2
The new Diamond Previews (a catalogue of forthcoming comics and related ephemera) is published this week and contains listings for two publications featuring my work. The first is the previously blogged-about Meanwhile…#5 (featuring episode 5 of Strangehaven: Destiny), while the second is my cover for Titan ComicsSherlock: The Blind Banker #2 (an English language edition of the Japanese manga comic adaptation of the British TV series featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, based on the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Got that? I’m testing you later).

Those of you with, quite frankly, an unhealthy interest in my work may note some similarities with this cover and my previous commission for Titan, Heroes: Godsend #4.

The basic layout for the Sherlock cover was actually only one of four or five rough sketches I submitted to the editor (as was the case with my Heroes cover), and in both cases, despite my defiant resistance, the chosen design was incrementally tweaked, twisted and tampered until it resulted in a remarkably similar composition of single-point perspective street view and full figure portrait with billowing scarf. Even so, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

So pleased in fact that I made a crude animation (apologies for the low quality, I’m a Premiere Pro noob) to demonstrate the way I’ve built up the Photoshop layers to create the various colour and rendering effects.

To recap: that’s two items in the new Previews, one with a fourteen page strip by me and a cover by someone else; and the other with a cover by me but the interiors by someone else. One day my friends, I shall be doing both again, I promise you.

If you’d like to pre-order either or both, you can simply ask your local comic shop, and giving them the following Diamond order codes would probably save them a little time.

Meanwhile...#5 (Soaring Penguin Press) [Jan 2017] DEC161883
Sherlock: The Blind Banker #2 Cover 'A' (Titan Comics) [Feb 8 2017] DEC161927

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