Monday, 19 September 2016

Treviso, Land of Prosecco

Poster for Land Escapes exhibition, all images ©2016 copyright their respective creators.
In what will probably be my sole “official” appearance this year, I will be a guest at the Treviso comic festival this upcoming weekend 23-25 September. I don’t have any details of signings or talks to hand, but I suspect I’ll be doing a little of both.
I’ll be humbled in the company of my fellow guest Brits Hunt Emerson, Tula Lotay, Dave McKean and Chris Reynolds, masters of the sequential arts, all.

I’ll also have an unusually large number of pages of original artwork on display in the festival’s related exhibition, Land Escapes: Visions and escapes from the United Kingdom at the prestigious Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche.
The exhibition also features artwork from Hannah Berry, Brian Bolland, Kate Brown, Stephen Collins Illustration and Comics, Gemma Correll, Hunt Emerson, Gary Erskine, Tom Gauld, David Lloyd, Tula Lotay, Dave McKean, Sean Phillips, Chris Reynolds, Posy Simmonds, Carol Swain, Bryan Talbot and Andi Watson.

Not only will I be seeing some old Italian friends again, but I’ll also get to reestablish my relationship with former Black Velvet editor Alberto Corradi (who worked on the Italian language editions of Strangehaven) who’s one of the organisers of the festival and is also co-curating the exhibition with the UK’s own Paul Gravett.

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