Monday, 19 September 2016 update (sort of)

Hardcore Strangehaven addicts will no doubt have been suffering withdrawal symptoms so far this year due to the lack of a new issue of the anthology Meanwhile... 
Last year four issues were published each containing a brand new full-colour episode of Strangehaven, but thus far issue five remains unpublished. The good news is that publisher Soaring Penguin Press posted this cryptic message on their twitter account:

“Meanwhile issue 5. Coming in January 2017. Watch for details”

Well, not so much cryptic as scant. And unfortunately I can’t flesh out those bare bones with any further information at present, so if you have any questions, it might be more fruitful to direct them towards Soaring Penguin rather than myself. Suffice to say that I do strongly suspect Strangehaven will form part of the aforementioned issue 5.

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