Saturday, 24 January 2009

open other end

My nephew Reece Millidge has been an animator of some note for many years, his fine reputation built on his commercial work for Nexus Productions in London.
Yesterday he received the fantastic news that the Smith-Foulkes film “This Way Up” on which he is credited as ‘lead animator’ has been nominated for an Oscar in the ‘Short Film (Animated)’ category.
You can check out a preview of the film here.
It goes without saying that I’m pretty proud of the lad. Reece is currently seeking funding for a short film of his own. His website Damp Gnat can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the amazing Strangehaven-books, I love them but when is the next part coming? I have part 1-3 and I´m wondering when part 4 is coming? Are you currently writing it or is the project put on ice?

Best regards!
David, Sweden

Gary Spencer Millidge said...

David, I hope to resume work on Strangehaven shortly - it has been 'on ice' for a while, but stay tuned for an announcement in the near future!