Wednesday, 20 August 2008

must-read strangehaven

That mighty fine blogger Alan David Doane has just posted his numbered list of 100 Must-Read Graphic Novels, and I am proud to say that Strangehaven has been included at number 51.
After initially being disappointed at missing out on the prestigious top 50 by a single place (Damn you, Outer Space Spirit!) Alan clarified that only the top 30 or so were actually in order. So therefore, Strangehaven is actually tied at #31 (OK, shared with 70 others, but still, not bad).
I expect you're all wondering, like Patrick McGoohan, who is number one, but you should really pop over to check it out for yourself and see where your favourite placed.
My favourite got number one by the way....
ADD's 100 Must-Read Graphic Novels

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