Saturday, 23 August 2008

master of none

The Strangehaven readers among you will probably be wondering what else the rather tardy author has been amusing himself with during its current absence from the bookshelves. Well, in addition to the assorted non-fiction books that I have been writing (currently working on Comic Book Design for Ilex Press due next spring), a large portion of my time has been taken up with creating a website for the local jewellery shop Warburtons.
Curious parties can browse the fruits of my labour now that the aforementioned site has finally, finally, finally gone 'live' here:
Those of you who are looking for someone to blame for the deficiencies in its concept, design, coding, text content and photography need look no further than the writer of this blog. The better parts of the website were greatly enhanced by the contributions and critical expertise of the staff of Warburtons and my good friend photographer John Attwell.

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