Thursday, 15 May 2008

What's my name again?

photo by Sean Azzopardi
I'm still recovering from the fallout of my attending the Bristol Comic Expo last weekend, with plenty of follow-up emails and admin to take care of, but I just had to share this craftily compiled musical montage by former Bristol 'Festival' organiser and founder Kev F Sutherland.
Keep watching and you may just notice a brief, mute cameo by the writer of this very blog.
The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's Bristol souvenir video
The Expo was great fun as always with an increased attendance, soaring temperatures and a slew of old friends and colleagues. It also saw the debut of Draw Fantasy Figures, Strangehaven pendants and Strangehaven canvas giclees. A more detailed report will follow if I get the time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

Your hair is almost as gray/grey as Sandy's... Can't wait to see you and Mandy in SD next month, and hope your dogs will survive some stateside time without the two of you.

Take care,