Monday, 5 May 2008

Appearance News

While in the midst of preparing myself for my annual appearance at the rather splendid Bristol Comics Expo next weekend, I have been alerted to a very positive review of the Strangehaven series so far on the Forbidden Planet International Blog Log. Written by the former Nostalgia & Comics staffer Richard Bruton, you can read it for yourself here. During the month of May, I will also be travelling to France as guest of my French Publisher Akileos and the Caen City Council to appear at the 7th annual Caen book festival, or to give its indigenous title Salon de Livre. Obviously I have been rather tardy in my recent updates for website and blog, but I hope to rectify this with in the near future. Unfortunately, there is still no definite date for the resumption of the Strangehaven series, but it is still a live, ongoing project and news will eventually be published on this website first.


Richard said...

Thanks for the mention Gary - but it's Richard Bruton, ex staff member of Nostalgia & Comics. (Dave Hopkins was and still is manager of that lovely store).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard, now corrected.