Friday, 26 January 2007

watching the watchmen

Recently received in my mailbox was my complimentary copy of the 20th Anniversary Watchmen tribute book from Italian publishers Lavieri. It's a 240 page trade paperback containing articles and illustrations from a wealth of comics talent including Giuseppe Camuncoli, Eduardo Risso, Jay Stephens, Dave Hitchcock and Chris Weston.
It was put together by my co-editor of the Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman book, smoky man, and as you might suspect, all profits are going to aid suffers of Alzheimer's disease. It has a fantastic cover as you can see here featuring Gabriele Dell'Otto's paints over Dave Gibbons pencils.
The volume also includes my own interpretation of Silk Spectre II.

tunately the whole bloody thing is in Italian, so I can't read any of it. But the pictures are just lovely.
If you're an insane completist of all things Watchmen, or you can read Italian you can read more about it on the Lavieri Comics website here.

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